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Monyea Pratt: “This is my kind of game”

January 11, 2014 – After a fantastic performance in a win against St. Brieuc, Monyea Pratt sat down to talk about his basketball career, and the momentum that he has helped to build for Charleville as they chase the NM1 Championship.  As demonstrated bu his impressive statistics, the American star winger has taken a growing and prominent role in the success of Charleville. After completing his university studies at Stillman, Monyea Pratt played in Germany before settling down in Etoile, where he has become a critical part of the Club’s wins in the past five games. 

Monyea, how were your holidays?

“I was glad to return to Alabama and spend a week in my family. It feels good to relax and recharge with my parents, brother, sister and friends that I had not seen since August. I took the opportunity to relax and recover. Due to a passport problem and weather conditions that hit the northeast U.S., my return flight to France was delayed. I came here four days late. “

What is your state of mind as you’re about to plunge into the NM1 championship?

“At first I was happy to get back to work again on the floor. I am now just as eager to continue the successes we had before the break. We’re all keen to continue this momentum and fight for promotion to Pro B.  To me, this goal seems achievable.”

“This is my kind of game”

During the first half of the season, you seemed immediately to take your marks, especially offensively, before gradually increase in power and to become a key element of the Club’s game.

“I do not think I struggled early in the year. When I arrived, I worked hard to find my role on the team. This is my type of game. As I scored more points through the work in training and practice, observers discovered my potential.  Over time, I became even better suited to the French style of play. My goal is to continue to improve.”

With 15.6 points per game , 9.1 rebounds, 2.7 steals and 4.1 assists per game , you’re in contention to be one of the most complete, all-around players in NM1.

“I expected to be at this level arriving in France. I returned to the level that I played at during my stay in Leipzig for two years. Otherwise, I try to help the team however I can and demonstrate my versatility”

What are the differences between the German and French basketball?

“In Leipzig as in Cuxhaven where I played before, the game seemed more physical and faster than in France. Suddenly, I’m able to express myself better in NM1. In Germany, at the same level, there are also three referees in every game. That makes a big difference!”

What is your best basketball memory?

“Being named MVP of the German division in 2009-2010 while playing at Leipzig.”

What do you do off the court?

“I watch TV, listen to music, I enjoy French cuisine and I communicate via Skype with my American friends. I have not yet had sufficient time to visit Charleville. Otherwise, I feel good in the middle of my teammates and a great coach. It is is a real pleasure to do this job.”

The opinion of coach Cedric Heitz: “He’s made a tremendous positive impact”

“This summer, at the time of recruitment, when I saw his profile and his way of playing, it fit perfectly with what I imagined. I saw someone talented and complete, who is able to play with his back the basket, pull in rebounds, create interceptions and score. He has proven his ability to do a lot of great things both sides of the ball. During the last few games, he has really elevated his offensive abilities. When he felt that Fabien and Justin perhaps were a little inside, he took over these two players in scoring. He is also a valuable player because he has a great basketball IQ and athleticism. “

Interview by Pascal REMY, translated from


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