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Pro Partner Promise

At Pro Partner Sports, we use our 50+ years of experience in the industry to help each player design a career track that is realistic, goal-oriented, and tailored specifically to his needs. Each player is uniquely situated in the basketball world depending on a number of factors including position, citizenship, professional experience, collegiate performance, etc. It is critical that every client is given the personalized care necessary to develop a relationship of understanding and trust. We have connections in every league in the world, from the NBA to Europe and South America to Asia, and use this extensive network to identify the best possible opportunities.

An agent’s role should be to communicate sincere advice and help educate the client on what options will facilitate personal development. We will help you to understand how the professional basketball industry works, provide honest feedback (positive or negative), and offer specific instructions on how to maximize your value as a basketball player. An agent-client relationship is really a partnership, hence our name. If you can’t trust that your agent has your best interest in mind, who can you really trust? We pledge to help each client fulfill his potential with commitment and reliability. Come be a partner on our team!