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Contract Negotiation

Pro Partner Sports Management is certified by both the NBA Players Association and FIBA and brings a wealth of NBA and international experience to the bargaining table.  Of course, it is the goal of every professional basketball player to prosper financially by playing this game.  Negotiation can be complex —  it requires experience and a comprehensive understanding of market values, both past and present.  Consistent with the Pro Partner Promise, our agents will communicate openly with clients about financial objectives at all stages of the negotiation process.  Each contract is negotiated to be as lucrative as possible and continue the player’s career development.

Marketing and Endorsements

Marketing and endorsement opportunities may be available to our NBA clientele or high-level international players.   Pro Partner will focus on identifying situations that will allow the client to increase his value through public appearances, shoe and apparel deals, trading cards, or any other medium that becomes available.  We are constantly exploring new ideas to improve the marketability of an individual through technology.  The way we communicate in this world is changing everyday and we are on the cutting edge.

Draft Preparation and Training

Pro Partner Sports Management is aligned with some of the top trainers across the country that will allow NBA Draft candidates to prepare themselves for the workout circuit with regular or extended programs.  We collaborate with these experienced professionals to give the player a detailed plan that focuses on specific areas of need.

Most importantly, our agency has one of the best reputations among NBA executives for integrity and dependability.  As a result, we are privy to invaluable insight that allows our clients to get in the minds of the decision-makers and make the necessary adjustments.  Our players are prepared to meet the challenges that lie ahead because they are informed at each step along the way.  At any level of our organization, we try to provide our clients with every possible tool to help them successfully reach their goals.